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Happy Anniversary! It's a year ago (September 25th) since we started the group for Members.

As I was looking through the catalog of recordings (interviews, podcasts, solo recordings, etc), I was impressed by how much we've done in the past year.

To celebrate the anniversary, everyone who signs up before Friday gets 20% discount. The campaign ends Thursday night at midnight CET.

Use the discount code: anniversary2022

As a Member, you get:

  • Instant access to the full archive of podcasts & posts
  • Exclusive podcast episodes
  • Exclusive livestreams
  • Interviews with special guests
  • Exclusive logbook entries
  • The Book & Film Club - open discussions where Members do most of the talking (these have been popular!)
  • Secret bonus features (revealed to members only)

👉 When you sign up for a monthly subscription, the price less than €0.50 per day, billed monthly.

When you sign up for a year, you get an even better deal — you pay only €0.41 per day (€150 for a full year).

(The amounts are roughly the same in USD.)

If you're already a Member, you can give a subscription as a gift to a friend.

There is also a Patron Membership (three levels) for those who wish to contribute a little extra.

As a Patron Member you get access to all the features of the regular membership, plus special bonus features only for Patrons.

Praise for the channel:

I found what was most helpful was the realistic whitepills […] When you see things negatively, you can only see obstacles and not opportunities. — T.

You keep knocking it out of the park with content. — V.V.

I like your personality, and the sound of your voice. -- O.

You’re definitely in my top 10 of podcasts […] I like you’re calm, clear, fearless and intelligent takes on Western Civ. — B.

I wanted to say how much I am enjoying your latest releases [...] Great stuff. […] Tough love is the only way, and I can honestly say that I projected and wallowed in misery and apathy during my red-pilling. I was genuinely depressed. — M.L.

You take galaxy brained topics and make them digestible for layfolk without “dumbing it down”. — G.M.

Thanks for all your great work! It has really made a difference in my life, I was really black pilled at one point, and listening to only one or two of your podcasts & interviews really cured it. — S.J.

It’s high IQ stuff. — H.P.

[Y]ou are an excellent interviewer. — M.

I don’t always agree with your position, being a trad Catholic I have a different identity, but I find your analyses always reasonable, stimulating and fascinating. I think I’ve become smarter thanks to you. — M

I like your calm and measured, matter of fact Scandi approach. Content and aesthetic are always high quality. […] — R.T.

Firstly your interview technique is very relaxed and a nice mix of serious in depth analysis and amusement on the subject in hand. A sense of humour is so valuable in these times […]
Secondly the interviews give me a sense of belonging. That I’m not the only one that has been thinking this way for so long. — D.B.T.O.

I like your personality, and the sound of your voice. — O.

Your content is the best in my opinion, with regards to connecting us back to the natural world and spirituality while communicating hard truths in an unjust world. You offer a sense of balance, integrity and hope without elitism. — S.C.

A more balanced and measured approach that you take to the topics we face. In some ways you display more maturity than many. — A.T.C.

Very high quality levels of discussion. — V.V.

I am a 42-year-old married man so I appreciate the level of maturity you bring to these topics. There are too many shrill, immature, and vulgar voices out there that are poison to spreading the truth of the message. That is why someone like you is so very important. — M.J.

You’re not afraid to address divisive issues, and I feel you have a very reasonable, logical approach and perspective. […] I take notes when you’re speaking and have a backlog of videos I need to catch up on. I especially like your idea of giving young people a better road map to life — A listener

Your shows manage to keep the discusion concise and on point, so it makes both insightul and enjoyable to listen to. — N.E.R.

I like the intelligent, polite conversation on your channel […] For me, it’s a much needed, highly intellectual distraction from the many things around me falling apart, and in a way I find it calming. Your voice is very good for that, too. — M.

Your take is masculine, life-affirming and empowering. It’s a pleasant departure from the junk culture on the internet and degenerate city life that I have to tolerate everyday. — O.O.

You draw awareness to literature and realms of thought that were mostly obscure to me. — T.P.

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